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How to start writing a blog – my first 8 months

Last updated: 10th Jun, 2021

This post contains affiliate links. This means that I get a small commission if you make a purchase through these links, at no additional cost to you. See my full Disclosure statement.

I started writing my blog on WordPress 8 months ago. In this post, read about what was going on and what I would do differently if I were at the beginning again.

The first 4 months are described in detail in the post How to start writing your own blog – my first 4 months.

What would I do differently if I were at the beginning again?

1. I would immediately enroll in an online blogging course(s). I am currently enrolled in an excellent Udemy course Blogging for a Living – Perfect Small Budget Project.

2. I would join Facebook groups for WordPress and blogging.

3. I would hire a WordPress tutor more often and earlier.

4. I wouldn’t waste so much time on the technical stuff. I would work more on the content.

5. I would read more blogs similar to my own and learn from them. I would look for them on Pinterest.

For example, I really like The werk life blog.

How to start a blog on WordPress
It’s helpful to look at what other bloggers are doing. Photo: Mikayla Mallek, Unsplash

6. I wouldn’t write about too many different topics. I would try to niche down more.

7. I would think more thoroughly about who am I writing to. I would think about my target audience.

8. I would manage my time better. Read the post on how to get more time and energy for a side hustle.

9. I would focus more on advertising the blog on my Pinterest profile. I would invest less time in my Instagram profile.

10. I would write shorter posts. The average length of my posts is 2200 words. Now I know that lifestyle blog posts don’t have to be that long.

Read about the recommended lengths for blog posts.

Summary after 8 months of blogging

  • The technical stuff is mostly taken care of.
  • The design of my blog is mostly taken care of.
  • I’m starting to work more intensively on the content.
  • I am gradually joining affiliate programs. This means that if readers make a purchase through some of my links, I get a small commission. Read more here.
  • I have spent 340 euros on the blog so far.
  • I have spent about 400 hours on the blog in 8 months (rough estimate).
How to star writing your blog
We can advertise our blog on Pinterest. Photo: DarkMoonArt_de, Pixabay

What was the most challenging up till now?

Changing the domain name. After 4 months I changed the domain. For someone who doesn’t have a technical background, this may be difficult.

Translating the page into English. Managing a bilingual blog is quite a challenge until you get used to it.

Editing the sign-up form on a bilingual page. I hired a tutor for this.

What mistakes did I make?

1. I bought a translation plugin. A bilingual blog edited by one person can be translated for free. I learned about that later.

2. I didn’t ask for help with link redirects when I changed my domain name. So after 4 months of work, I lost my rankings on Google and started my SEO from scratch.

3. I tried to figure out the more complex plugins (as well as WordPress) on my own and lost a lot of time.

How to start a blog on WordPress
We’ll make mistakes in the beginning, but that shouldn’t stop us. Photo: Danielle Macinnes, Unsplash

How much money I’ve spent on my blog so far

First domain name: 9 EUR

Hosting package (I use Slovenian hosting service Neoserv): 20 EUR

SSL certificate: 20 EUR

Bard Pro theme30 dollars

WordPress tutoring: 150 EUR

Changing the domain name (again with Neoserv): 30 EUR

A plugin for site translation: 80 EUR

Upgrading the hosting package: 4,5 EUR

Total spend in the first 8 months: 340 EUR

Don’t give up when it gets difficult

There were several times when I wanted to uninstall WordPress and delete my blog. I was often stressed out when I didn’t understand the technical background.

It was challenging to change the domain name because I knew nothing about the technical background.

Blogging is a neverending learning process. Knowledge won’t come overnight. In the beginning, it can sometimes feel overwhelming and frustrating.

I would recommend you to insist even when it gets difficult. Every small victory outweighs all the challenges and efforts! 😉


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