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How to find the time and energy for a side hustle

Last updated: 10th Jun, 2021

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Are you a full-time employee and would you like to work on a side business? If the answer is yes, continue reading.

Disclaimer: The content of the post will be mainly related to blogging and content creation.


Put things in a calendar

  • Plan your upcoming week at the end of the previous week.
  • Write down in your calendar the exact tasks you will do on exact days. This keeps you from switching from task to task. Multitasking doesn’t work.
Writing things down in a calendar improves our productivity. Photo: kaboompick, Pixabay
Writing things down in a calendar improves our productivity. Photo: kaboompick, Pixabay

Having a limited time can be a good thing

We usually do more if we have a limited amount of time. If we only have one hour a day for our side project, we will be fast and efficient during that hour.

J. K. Rowling’s turbo writing

Did you know how J. K. Rowling wrote her first Harry Potter book? She was a single mother then and had very little time to write.

When her daughter fell asleep during their walks, J. K. Rowling hurried with her to a cafe and started writing.

She says she was the most productive in those times and that it’s amazing how much we can do if our time is limited.

Source: The Mommy Brain: How Motherhood Makes Us Smarter, by Katherine Ellison

Being mindful of our minutes

We need to be mindful of our minutes and how we spend them.

This advice really helped me because I used to always look at my productivity in hours, not minutes.

Minutes are more important than we think. By keeping this in mind, we will waste less of them and use them more wisely.

Be mindful of your minutes - productivity tips

Having only one side hustle

We will be too distracted if we try to start two or more projects at the same time.

We’ll be unmotivated because we won’t see any results anywhere. It’s best to start one project and start that one thoroughly.

Less TV

On the days when you want to work on your side hustle, stick to the following:

  • Turn the TV off. Don’t even have it as background noise.
  • Try not to watch too much content that puts you in a bad mood and kills your creativity.

Putting the phone away

  • Turn off the notifications on the apps where possible. Not just during work, but in general. Notifications distract us and take our time away.
  • Turn off the data and Wi-Fi on your phone. You can put the phone in flight mode.
  • Leave the phone in silent mode and in another room.
We put the phone in silent or flight mode - productivity and time management for a side hustle
During the afternoon work, put the phone on silent or in flight mode. Photo: Satendra Kushwah, Pixabay

Asking for help and outsourcing

Ask for help if something is too difficult

After five months of working on my blog, I found myself spending too much time on the technical stuff.

Think about the things you no longer want to devote your time to.

Learn to ask for help with the tasks we are not good at or don’t have enough time for.

Asking for help and outsourcing – examples

Can others do some work instead of us? If our main goal is to create content, we can assign some of the tasks to others. For example:

  • If you have technical problems on your website, seek WordPress help. Find a tutor or go on where you can get help with just about anything.
  • If you don’t have the time for creating graphics, find a freelancer.

    For logos, graphics, vector illustrations, icons, etc. I recommend Simon from jackalldigital.
  • Ask questions on your WordPress theme support forum. I use Bard Pro theme and I’m more than happy with their support.
  • Contact your hosting support if you have questions about your domain, inbox settings, website control panel, etc.

Work smarter, not harder

  • Is it possible to automate something? We often do things we don’t need to. For tasks where something can be simplified or automated, do it. This includes automatic bill payment.
  • Can someone teach us? Stop spending time on tasks that are too difficult and not a priority. Can we call someone and ask for advice? Where can we find tutors?
  • You can’t know everything. Learn to ask for help.
  • Outsource it if it’s not a priority. Don’t know how to install Windows? Replacing light bulbs on a car?

    We can find the instructions and do it ourselves. But if that isn’t our priority, outsource it.
  • Do not try to do everything perfectly. Perfectionism kills our creativity and slows down our progress.

“If your fidelity to perfectionism is too high, you never do anything.” – David Foster Wallace


A good night’s sleep

Let’s not try to save time by sleeping less. This never works. Yes, we do have more time, but we’re irritable, less motivated, and less creative.


  • Download the f.lux application (Windows and Android OS) or Twilight (Android) and Redshift (Linux OS) on your phone, tablet, and computer.

    These apps reduce the blue light on the screen. This way the eyes are less strained and the quality of sleep is better.
  • Don’t drink too much coffee in the afternoon. It may disrupt your sleep.
  • Exercise and you’ll sleep better and fall asleep faster.
  • In the evening, avoid spices and avoid hard-to-digest foods.
  • In the evening, avoid the foods and drinks that invigorate you. These include dark chocolate, too much sugar (including fruits), green and black tea.
Get enough sleep to have more energy for your side hustle. Photo: Tamar Waskey, Unsplash
Get enough sleep to have more energy for your side hustle. Photo: Tamar Waskey, Unsplash


Surround yourself with good content

Surround yourself with the information that will give you motivation and inspire you. How?


Podcasts are a great source of motivation and new knowledge. I listen to podcasts while doing the dishes, hanging the laundry, taking a walk, etc.

For self-improvement, health and business mindset I recommend The skinny confidential and Marie Forleo‘s podcast.

Social media feeds

They should show us useful and inspirational content. Subscribe to inspirational people and hashtags.

I recommend Instagram channels womanceomindset and femaleinspiring.

Supporting each other

Connecting with others who have similar problems than us. It’s cool to connect with them in person and on social media. It’s great when we motivate and support each other!

Don’t compare yourself to other people. We all have our own unique paths. Comparing ourselves to others reduces self-confidence and dulls creativity.

Saying No

It is very important to say “No” to the things that are not our priority at the moment.

It is important that we stick to our priorities and simply say “No” to some things and activities.

Positive attitude towards our side hustle

  • Pay attention to what you think and say about your time. Be mindful of your beliefs. Sometimes we truly believe that we lack time. And if we believe it, it becomes our reality.
  • Making sure that our side hustle, which should basically cheer us up, doesn’t become a burden. Take days off.
  • Try not to take your side hustle too seriously.

You’ll work best when you’re in a good mood when you start working and have a positive attitude towards your work.

With a positive attitude, we perform our side hustle much better. Tina Lisec Blog
With a positive attitude, we’ll do our work more effectively. Photo: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

Motivation for our side project

We must have a motivation for our side project. Otherwise, it will be hard to find the time and will to do it.

What is your motivation for your side hustle? Tell me in a comment below 😉

If the motivation is strong, we will be willing to go through a bunch of challenges that may stand in our way.


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