10 ways to find inspiration for your creative work
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10 ways to find inspiration for your creative work

Last updated: 1st Apr, 2021

Inspiration is a strange thing. Sometimes we have so many ideas that we can’t sleep at night. Then come the days when we wander around helplessly with no tangible or useful ideas at all.

In this post, I talk about inspiration and about how I get inspired.

I’d like to share my experience. In the last ten months since I started blogging, I’ve had many creative ups and downs. I started figuring out what affects my inspiration.

How to find inspiration for your creative work
How can we be more inspired? What affects our creativity and inspiration? Photo: Andrea Davis, Unsplash

1. Limit the use of social media

Social media can have a negative impact on our creativity. Besides taking away our time when we could work, it harms us in the following ways:

  • We compare ourselves to others. Consciously or subconsciously we feel like others have more than we do.
  • We are desperate because we feel like everyone is creating something and we’re the only ones left behind.
  • The work of others may limit our own imagination.
  • We adapt ourselves to trends and suppress our original ideas because they might not be trendy right now.
  • We try to fit in a box and repeat the methods of others that seem to be working.
Social media can dull our creative abilities
Too much social media can dull our creative abilities and our inspiration. Photo: Priscilla du Preez, Unsplash

How to mindfully use social media

Before we start creating, it’s best not to check our social media. We don’t want to limit our creativity and imagination.

Check social media only after you have already created something or crossed something off your to-do list.

Never check social media right after waking up.

2. Protecting ourselves from the doubts of others

Sometimes it’s best not to tell others about our plans. If we tell someone about our wild plans and they (probably in good faith) try to talk us out of it, we may begin to doubt ourselves.

Dream big by Alex Fu, Pexels
Dream big. Photo: Alex Fu, Pexels

It’s best to stick to our path and do what we have to do. It’s best not to explain our plans to others. Fear and doubt kill inspiration.

3. Focus on creating, not the results

In the beginning, the learning curve and the results tend to go up slowly, which is normal. Everyone had to start somewhere. If we are too focused on the results, it can distract us and limit our creativity.

In the initial phase, we shouldn’t focus too much on the results of our creative work, but rather on the creative process itself. We shouldn’t lose hope if we don’t see the results right away. Perseverance is key, even if we don’t achieve our goals as quickly as planned.

Abhijit Naskar's quote on persistence
Abhijit Naskar’s quote on persistence

4. How meditation affects our inspiration

Regular daily meditation will help us with our creative work. We will be more inspired and motivated to work. We will feel less desperate if we won’t immediately see the results.

5. Exercise and inspiration

After exercising, we feel more alert and our brain function improves. It’s best to exercise for at least 30 minutes per day.

If we lack inspiration and are just desperately sitting and waiting, it’s better to just get up and get moving.

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6. How food affects our inspiration

Nuts and seeds are great for brain health. Photo: Miguel Á. Padriñán, Pexels
Nuts and seeds are great for brain health. Photo: Miguel Á. Padriñán, Pexels

We need to take care of our brain health. We can do this with foods such as salmon, sardines and other fatty fish, blueberries, broccoli, nuts, seeds, and eggs. Turmeric is also recommended.
Source: healthline.com and medicalnewstoday.com

Observing ourselves after eating certain foods can help us understand which foods have a negative impact on our wellbeing. I, for example, get sluggish and unmotivated after eating too much sugar, carbs, or fried foods.


7. React as soon as possible

When you get a good idea, take action. If that’s not possible, at least write down your ideas. Don’t wait for the morning or the next day.

It’s a pity to forget your great ideas just because you didn’t write them down.

When we get a good idea, it’s best to write it down immediately.

8. Being alone

Sometimes, being alone is the key to getting inspired. Do your creative work somewhere where you are not interrupted. Turn off the notifications on your phone.

If someone is constantly interrupting our creative process, it’s harder to get back in the flow.

Headphones on a laptop
Solitude is sometimes the key to inspiration and creativity. Photo: Daniel Friesenecker, Pixabay

9. The Pomodoro Technique

When we think we have no inspiration or creative vision, we can still sit down, set an alarm for 25 minutes, and write (or create) whatever comes to our mind. We will often be surprised at how much we actually did.

This technique is called The Pomodoro Technique. It means working uninterruptedly for 25 minutes and then resting for 5 minutes. After four such cycles, take a longer break.

Read how Carly from Ponytails & Productivity uses Pomodoro Technique and how it helps her work!

10. Balance between creating and learning

Sometimes we feel drained and completely out of ideas. We may feel like we can’t contribute anything valuable to the world.

In times like this, it’s best to fill ourselves up again. We can do this by reading, listening to podcasts, learning, or obtaining new experiences. It’s best to get out of our comfort zone and get new experiences.

The right balance between creating, learning and new experiences
Finding the right balance between creating and learning. Photo: Laura Olsen, Unsplash

However, sometimes it’s best to just relax, rest, and know that inspiration will return when we at least expect it.


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